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Valerie Hillman
2239 Coordinator
email: VHillman@whctemple.org

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Metro Minyan

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Metro Minyan


:: 2239

 DC’s Reform 20s and 30s Jewish Community

2239 is a dynamic and innovative group of DC-area Jews between the ages of 22 and 39 who are looking for a Jewish community to call their own. With a growing network of over 2,000 people, 2239 is a fantastic way for young Jewish professionals to meet one another and deepen their Jewish identity.

Whatever you’re looking for, 2239 has it all. Looking for Shabbat? Our monthly Metro Minyan Shabbat community meets on the 4th Friday of every month at different Metro-accessible locations throughout DC. For more information about Metro Minyan, please see page 12.

Looking for opportunities to give back? With the help of the TOV Fund, 2239 engages in cutting-edge social action projects in DC and around the country to lend a hand to people and communi-ties in need.

Looking for a social outlet? Happy hours, trips to Nationals games, wine tasting trips, and other social events are fantastic opportunities to meet new people and have a great time. Our annual Purim Ball and 2239 Passover Seder are fun, inclusive, and enrich-ing opportunities to celebrate holidays with DC’s young Jewish professionals.

Whether you’ve been in DC for years or are just arriving, we're excited to help you find your Jewish community.


Calendar of Events
9/4/2013 2239 Erev Rosh Hashanah service
at Temple (8:30 pm)
9/5/2013 Congregational Rosh Hashanah Day service
at Temple (9:00 am)
9/13/2013 2239 Kol Nidre service at Temple (8:45 pm)
9/14/2013 Yom Kippur services and Break-the-Fast at Temple
9/20/2013 Metro Minyan service - Canceled
Oct. 2013 Fall Festivities (details to come)
10/25/2013 Metro Minyan service
Nov. 2013 Wine Tasting in Virginia (details to come)
11/15/2013 Metro Minyan service
12/20/2013 Metro Minyan service

Questions about 2239?  Want to get involved?
Contact Valerie Hillman at VHillman@whctemple.org.